working on a tribute to one of my favorite artists ever, can you guess who ??

Anonymous said: how do you draw crystals so well?? you really are very talented

oh gosh thank you!! :’) well I studied a lot of references, real and drawn, to learn the basics of how cut gemstones look/interact with light. now i start by outlining the edges of the facets, and once I fill in all the colors I want I delete the outline and replace it with edge highlights where appropriate.

the main thing is study study study, building up an understanding of something you want to render is a very good thing to do :^)

ok one laaaast doodle of this girl, sorry i’ve drawn her like 1000000 times by now

(her name is dracaene)

reuploading this because i fixed some things that were bugging me

dragongirl!! sorry i cant stop drawing her

dragon hybrid girl who has been spinning in my head for a while now

i’m not sure if i really got her down right though

didn’t think i’d like shiny noivern, but it actually looks really nice ingame * v*

love it, have a doodle