dragon hybrid girl who has been spinning in my head for a while now

i’m not sure if i really got her down right though

didn’t think i’d like shiny noivern, but it actually looks really nice ingame * v*

love it, have a doodle

butterfly-themed magical girl!

her magical familiars can be caught and sold for 3,000 bells at Re-Tail

left to right: lavender (nana’s younger sister) and nana

these two are from a story of mine about a king’s royal concubines who form an organized militia to overthrow their government

nana is the leader of the movement, she appointed her sister as the second in command

to make up for that last post, here’s another sample panel from the comic !

just this once, i’m going to shamelessly post non-art just to tell you all a lil story

so last night i was dicking around in the friend safari, rounding up sliggoos with which to breed for ivs

and at one point i briefly thought “wow what if i found a shiny?? that would be funny considering i spent weeks trying to hatch one” and then about 20 seconds after that thought passed out of my mind…….this baby appears

from this experience i have gathered that: shiny gods exist and they’re laughing at all of us